ADATA is a well-known PC components manufacturer and has been around since 2001. Its product line includes DRAM modules and USB storage devices. While ADATA is mainly known for DRAM memory, it also has a substantial share in the SSD market. In this regard, ADATA has finally decided to adopt the 3D NAND technology for the greater good, resulting in its first ever 3D NAND SSD in the form of Ultimate SU800.

ADATA says:

The SU800 solid state drive lives up to its Ultimate name with 3D NAND Flash that provides higher storage density, efficiency, and reliability than traditional 2D NAND. It features intelligent SLC caching and a DRAM cache buffer to boost read/write performance even further. Featuring LDPC ECC and technologies such as high TBW (total bytes written) and DEVSLP (Device Sleep), the Ultimate SU800 instantly upgrades notebook and desktop PCs with superior stability, durability, and power efficiency. In addition, users can download ADATA in-house developed SSD Toolbox and Migration Utility software for free to enjoy easy data management and migration.

3D NAND technology in SSDs allows for larger storage over the same area and exponentially better read/write performance. Today I will take a look at the ADATA Ultimate SU800 256GB SSD. The SU800 series SSDs feature 3D NAND technology, TLC flash, SATA 6 Gb/s, and a faster SMI 2258 controller ensuring lower power consumption and faster read/write performance.

The major advantage of 3D NAND is capacity expansion in GBs. Ultimate SU800 series comes in 128GB, 256GB (our reviewing sample), 512GB and 1TB storage capacities. In addition, M.2 is also an option. Let’s find out what our review unit has in store for us.