ADATA at CES 2017

ADATA is one of the famous Memory and SSD manufacturer and with the release of 3D NAND TLC SSD in the form of Ultimate Su800 they have taken the ownership from Samsung being the only 3D NAND MLC improvised in 850 pro. Since they have announced their new series of ultimate SSD, the market share has deviated a bit. In CES 2017, ADATA has display some of their newest introduced hardware ranging from DRAM Modules to Storage.


Picture source: Bcchardware

We’ll start with SSD of course as major development expecting the major capital in.  In above picture, on the right, we have Ultimate SU800, SU900 and XPG 950 SSD lineup, displaying on the stands. The XPG model is their newest unit, specifically focus for gamers and that peaks out to 960 GB in capacity while using phison controller for good speedy performance in storage area.


Source: TheSSDReview

Of course, NVM is future. ADATA also reveal with SX8000 PCIe NVMe SSD at CEX 2017.  Using XPg design on Top acting as heatsink, a cool looking on top. The NVMe is M.2 2280 using SMI 2260 controller which allows it to deliver faster read and write speed, maxes out to 2500/1100MB/s.


Furthermore, ADATA also showcased external Storage media mainly

  • SE7300
  • SC660H
  • SC620H

These Drives are actually high performer products unlike the casual ones in the market.