Formed in 2001. A Taiwan-based company mostly offers memory solutions includes DRAM modules, Memory cards, Solid state drives and Portable Hard drives.  Since company formed, It has gained a noticeable popularity specifically in Memory module enrich designs. While it has a relentless DRAM market, the storage media is also prevailing, especially with ultimate SU800 induction.

Today, we are here to focus on ADATA’s high-Profile DRAM modules from DDR3 generation. Thanks to ADATA for providing us such a beautiful art modules for review. ADATA XPG 4*8GB DDR3 2133 MHz CL10  has a beautiful look, well designed and carefully crafted. Featuring black base color scheme and having red fins on top giving an appealing look.  Adata definitely has some quality Designers.  Having option to replace heatsink fin, XPG V3 is stand out from rivals. Running at a frequency of 2133 MHz to timing | 2T command rate and operating at 1.65V.

The XPG V3 32GB is available in various bus speed models i:e from 1600mhz to 2400mhz leaving a number of choices to consumers. In such way, ADATA’s actually paving mainstream market by covering all budget users.