Price: $109 (16GB) MSRP


  • High-Speed Memory
  • Excellent Quality build
  • Great looking Modules
  • Affordable price
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Replaceable Fin


  • Not Officially available in PAKISTAN

I’ll start off with look and design. The black base color is one people can’t ignore, especially when it comes to DRAM modules. The design is rather simple but the built quality is substantial leave no doubt. The top fins are detachable as you slide it through the heatsink, But before you do,  don’t forget to unscrew the design. I’ve tried it and I found it simple than expected. I received the replaceable fin in light green color and while Adata website suggest Black and GOLD, i guess the region difference obstructs.

Performance wise, it definitely won’t go wrong since most memory modules in the market are sharing more or less same performance gains in real world applications. However, the synthetic benchmarking could demonstrate the variable outcomes. In this regard, our test has shown some competitive results. ADATA XPG V3 performed better in Read speed when testing via AID64 program, while topping out with highest copy speed. On the other hand, it picked second spot in WinRAR file bench.

Final Words

The ADATA XPG V3 16GB model priced at $106 MSRP. For gaming and graphics sort of work,  high-speed DRAM is preferred which XPG V3 2133mhz are delivering too. So I would definitely recommend ADATA XPG V3 2133 MHz to Gamers and professionals.

I would like to mention here, about the DRAM market. Since the DRAM market has affected by the current downfall in international DRAM pricing. It’s time you should buy and store such quality modules before they get high in price.