AMD has been working on its new architecture based processor from past several years. Couple of days back a news came up, that AMD’s new pre-release CPU so called “ZEN” will have 40% greater IPC improvement” over their previous CPUs. The percentage of per core performance seems outstanding for any CPU, though it is still a dark side of AMD CPU performance until we see and experience. Will turn to be a Good news for marketers and server business.

According to past employee of AMD, The design of Zen CPUs are perfectly “met All Expectations” whilst nothing notified “as significant bottleneck” as seen before. Means this newer architecture will perform astounding, which ultimately give tough time to Intel even. However market strategy should be improve with this newer generation ZEN.


Adding up advancement, AMD’s APU and CPU are now combine into transition. Means now for platform users doesn’t require to change motherboard. ZEN will have tendency to hold up same platform if users desire to go from CPU to CPU transition. Most anticipated advancement needed for AMD globe. Clocks and TDPs for ZEN not decided yet to reveal, though it will figure out soon.

Furthermore, ZEN will release late 2016, expecting some top of the line competition with INTEL, who has been rather strong CPU development and market per share. As the matter of fact, AMD unable to gain enough market share due to its lack of efficient products in market especially platforms. Hopefully market competition will then turn stronger after ZEN’s launch.