Maximus Formula VIII EXTREME RGB Edition

Although, it is not the only RGB board in town before that, MSI has done Lightning experiment, and unleash the market with innovative lightening board. The trend was set on next generation skylake released. However ASUS done the RGB absolutely Perfect. Using their best product line “ROG Maximus Formula” to redesign and bring upon most innovative lightening Effect in the history of Motherboards.


ASUS RGB Boards are now in news and picturing ASUS Maximus Formula VIII Extreme in RGB Style. Back then, when Maximus Formula only with two bold colors RED and BLACK, Users had very limited Choice especially Enthusiast who are into Modding stuff, they could only go with either black or red Modding style. Now with VIII Extreme you can choose whatever color you want for your desire Modding scenario. This RGB edition pack will be available in red, blue, orange and in pink.  Board will carry Z170 chipset, applicable only on 14nm processor platform. In Addition, for fast functioning, you can now connect with ULTRA fast 2.1 USB.

They have created Motherboard with Splendid Color scheme, now users will able to gain Red LEDs simultaneously. These boards will Displays much better look, besides looks cool even when LEDs are turned off. A well polished fancy stealth designed best for any modding scenario.

Moreover, we can see EK logo on VRM on Board, suggesting This New product will not only work perfect with air cooling but water cooling as well. Now you won’t require any extra effort for blocks, EKWB already work around on Rog Maximus VIII boards and supplied block Dig built-in for their Maximus Users, reflecting high VRM quality heatsink.