Crucial, established in 1996, has been one of the major PC partners over the years. While its major business lies in DRAM modules, Crucial’s foray into SSD production has added a sizable portion to its revenue. Crucial’s MX100 and BX100 series have been well-known for years, and the company has been looking to bring some valuable additions to its SSD lineup. Which brings us to the new MX300 series, which is now available in a wide range of capacities such as 275GB, 525GB, 750GB, 1TB and 2TB.

Today, we’re taking a look at Crucial’s MX300 750GB SSD, introduced earlier this year, featuring TLC (Triple Level Cell) of micron,  which is known for being more cost effective over MLC. Unlike its predecessors, the Crucial MX300 is packed with Marvell 88SS controller, which ensures reliable performance and low power consumption while having 7mm thickness; which means this SSD is also fully compatible with laptops.

Crucial MX300 750GB SSD


Packaging and The SSD


I got the SSD in its premium box packaging contains most relevant information on front side such as capacity, model and SSD version


Inside the box, it shows regular adaptor, Acronis True Image Activation, plastic tray and SSD itself