Cryorig is a newly introduced Company, specialized in the best looking design CPU Coolers, and has been around since 2013. Its product line is mainly evolve the CPU Coolers, cooling fans and accessories. Cryorig has, in my opinion, the coolest looking designed CPU Coolers ever seen in the CPU Cooling Race, especially when considering the air cooler heatsinks. R1 universal and H series induction has already made Cryorig a significant part of cooling industry.

Today, I will take a look at the Cryorig H7 Universal Cooler. The H7 is a mid-tower heatsink cooler comes with a single QF120 Fan having 1600 rotational speed at 12V. The cooler will fit in all sockets of Intel and AMD. A fully compatible CPU cooler not only looks cool but features future socket support as well. The H7 is 123mm wide and 145mm tall makes it compatible in most PC Chassis. Having 4 nickel plated heat pipes around the copper base, would only handle a mild overclocking though. But we have yet to see its capability to perform under stressful condition.