Enermax is one of the well-known Hardware manufacturer in PC-Industry and has been around since 1990. The company not only have reputation but is the oldest in PC industry. Enermax had a leverage of being one of the major OEM power supply, however, not anymore. It has now partnered with one of the renowned OEM, the Channel Well Technology (CWT). While we raved about the brand, its product line has diversified, and includes CPU Coolers, Cooling fans, and accessories. Besides PSU, Enermax also has some quality CPU Coolers in the market. It has not been long since the efforts have merged in to All-in-One Cooling solutions. That being said, Liqtech 120/240 were the first All-in-one Cooling kit from Enermax, but recently Enermax has updated the Liquid coolers and replaced Liqtech with Liqmax II 120S/240S AIO Coolers.

Enermax AIO cooling


Our farsighted R & D capability is our key strength. The elite teams of Enermax always strive to come up with the best and most satisfactory PSU and thermal solution, and peripheral products with cutting-edge designs that meet the needs of the market and its customers. We will stick to our R & D spirits of “Technology Innovation” and “Quality First” to constantly create products which transcend the international standard and its requirements to keep our product and brand value as well as its competitive edge.

Today, I am going to take a look at the Liqmax II 120S AIO cooler. The Cooler is built with exceptional built quality, has a single radiator, and comes with 2x 120mm Batwing blades design fans. The Liqmax II is built to work on sockets of Intel and AMD. While the fans are being designed to work at 2000 RPM (4 pin PWM), they are also controllable in three different levels having physical switch (optional) so called the Patented APS located right near to the frame. On the other hand, the pump is ceramic bearing and has Motor Speed of 2700 RPM. Let’s find out what it has to offer.

Package & Stuff

Firstly, Thanks to ENERMAX kind enough to send me their updated lineup Liquid cooler.



The cooler was shipped in original box. You can get the idea from its box, how much Enermax cares about their customers. The box seems adding more worth to the product. Front side is usual with cooler picture and some top information. While the back side is innovative, why so? Because ENERMAX have designed the specification and dimension of cooler straight away. I really like this idea of being feasible for consumers.


I opened the box, inside It found solid packaging. CPU Block, Tubes and Radiator are coated in plastic, and Batwing 2 fans too. While white box indicating the accessories or installation kit. Everything is placed beautifully in Cardboard structure.



Well, the installation kit is heavy. Many screws, supportive platforms, Y cable, Molex to 4 pin, Backplate and User’s Manual