Killer instinct will Release in march 2016 on PC, as per announcement at Gamescom. Killer instinct will be a season 3 pack.

Gears of War Ultimate Coming to PC

Previously in June this year, Gaming community was informed about Gears of War Ultimate Edition coming to PC It was released on Xbox then, however PC version was left out to gain the Grasp of Game. After several months past, We are again Hearing the news on Gears of War Ultimate Edition  Finally Coming to PC, the only statement as assurance we received from sources. But Microsoft Game honcho Phil Spencer has strongly dictated that date of “Releasing GOW will not be too far in 2016” A Twitter message

However we feel its vague too, as we are still lacking 100% confirmation on it, nor we seeing any developments apart from statements or indications on social Media. Phil Spencer also mentioned the application of above idea on Killer instinct, the Free to Play fighter Reboot story.

On the part of GOW Experience, the Revamp of gaming design will definitely enhance Playing scenario, The remake of Gears of War will feature 4K platform,  Top Gun DirectX 12 synchronization and adds in unlocking Framerates during game.