Gaming to Support Direct X 12 featuring for specific games, was considering to be huge surprises when it will actually be launched for PC platform. However, Avalanche studio’s working on enhancing features for latest title secretly, meanwhile  GDC 2016 Schedule just came up with tremendous news, that Just cause 3 already have an enhanced support for Direct X 12, carrying most most advanced features.

Previously we updated you with PC Patch 1.02v for PC launched December last year, it was somehow good improvement, though it was not as healthy as Direct x 12 dose. It would be a evolution for PC Gamers.

The description was revealed stating, Intel and Avalanche joint teams working quite closely on improving JS 3 performance on PC platform, improving in Direct X 12 features to make things smoother.  In addition,  extra graphical and visual features and quality images are i process which can enhance Visual quality of this game.

We have gathered a report in which PC exclusive features are being described. Direct X 12 is a pleasure for PC Gamers.

“This session will cover the changes Avalanche made to their engine to match DX12’s pipeline, the implementation process and best practices from DX12. We’ll also showcase and discuss the PC exclusive features enabled thanks to DX12 such as Ordered Independent Transparency, and G-buffer blending using Raster Ordered Views and light assignment for clustered shading using Conservative Rasterization.”