Kingston releases it’s another hyper X series memory with few modification in title and design. Over the year, hyper X series’ been quite active, accommodate Kingston’s mainstream and high end line-up in Memory category. Although their performance difference is negligible, but over their new releases they have few advantages over rivals’ products.. These days HyperX series has gain ample popularity through its glorious design outcome, also helped modding community in selecting appropriate RAM matching with enthusiast build.

The Ram in focus today is Hyper X Savage series HX324C11SRK2/16 topping out 2400 MHz speed, released early 2014. Available in the market in 3 different attractive color schemes. Upgraded with exceptional design specifically targeting high end PC Builders. Though more Ivy bridge supportive at first glance. As Intel restricted 2nd generation users, a 2133 MHz speed. Once again target valued enthusiastic community widely.memory-specs