Although, we can easily stripe out a number of CPU cooler companies, but Noctua has stand out with top notch high quality cooling products. Established in 2005, with sole objective to enhance the cooling performance and noiseless operation. With so much to offer, the legendary Noctua D14 has a proven record of excellence in cooled down CPUs. The Noctua product line evolves around Cooling solutions, particularly CPU coolers, Cooling fans, and thermal paste. Furthermore, they have a huge list of CPU Coolers covering almost all performances. On top of that, they have an excellent after sales support, since their CPU Coolers are backed with 6 year warranty and support for future sockets are absolutely free.

Thanks to Noctua for sending us their new Flagship NH-D15S Cooler. Today, I will take a look at Noctua NH-D15S. It is a dual-Tower CPU heatsink Cooler, while replacing the previous D15 with more or less the same approach; to sustained the quality and maximize the performance level. The only thing differ D15S from D15 is a fan exclusion, which ensures good enough RAM tolerance from top. Featuring a 162mm height (with fan), will fit in almost every mid to full tower case. Noctua Coolers are best when it comes to future support, whether it says for warranty or socket. The D15S is fully compatible to Intel and AMD sockets means you can go with any socket. In case, the kit lacks, Noctua is generous enough to ship the kit for free.

A Brown and Creamy color fan (NF-A15 PWM) is included with Heatsink, while you still have choice to install another fan which, however, will cost you extra bucks. The 6 heat pipes off the base, this Dual-Tower heatsink targeting the extreme overclocking enthusiasts.