I starts with recording NH-D15S idles temperatures. At stock clocks, the maximum and minimum idles temperatures monitored 42C and 38C respectively and topping the chartt


I also overclock the CPU and record the idles at OC clocks. its 44C at max i get.



AIDA64 is known for various benchmark related to components. I triggered the CPU stress test for Typical or normal load. hence i5 4670K at stock maxed out to 49C while CPU at 4.2GHz reaches peak to 61C. Cooler manages to maintained 61C Maximum celcius with 55C minimum range deemed to be the best in the category.





Prime 95 is known to be heavy workload application for CPU. I chose Prime95 to determine cooling performance under much higher loads then typical. However, despite of very good cooling capacity, Air cooling is not very competent among water cooled category. with difference of 2C NH D15S ranked at 2nd spot to Triton 240 water cooler. But still noctua D15S didn’t disappoint with its performance despite of fact it only marginal difference while tech difference is huge.