Final Words & Conclusion


  • $79.89 amazon-logo-png


  • Great Cooling performance as usual from Noctua
  • Full RAM Tolerance
  • No PCIe limitation
  • Acoustic Performance
  • Great Build and Finishing
  • Future Socket’s Kit Ready
  • Additional Accessories
  • Extra Fan Clips


  • A slight reduction in Price Needed

Firstly, Noctua did excellent job here by removing 4-5 fins from bottom, brought a good tolerance level for High profile heatsink RAM modules. Although, our testing rams are of standard size, but the space has seen is plenty to populate all four slots with good heighted heatsink Modules without any obstruction in mind. Unlike Nh-U14S, this cooler provides enough room make a good clearance to first PCI-e slot for installing Graphics card. In regards to RAM and PCIe compatibility, Noctua D15s definitely a good go in Dual tower race.

Noctua have never been compromise on Performance. We have expected D15S, the king of the ring and it has proved the legendary D14 consistency while being much better build quality. Since, their coolers are built to handle extreme overclocking, D15S has an element of indulgence whatever the scenario. While we have market filled with a number of AIO cooling solutions, Noctua coolers are still competing with full pride. That’s said, AIO is a new front in cooling industry, being getting more enthusiasts rig friendly. But Air cooler still has room to be a part of overclocked rigs, especially when it comes to exigent low noise operation. On the other hand, AIO are noisy enough to hear being sitting close to table. One of the actual con of having AIO cooling solution in your rig.

You can find Noctua NH-D15S at a price of $79 in international market. While it come with only one NF-A15 PWM fan, you have an option to make addition of fan that would billed you additional $20. A bit of expensive package compares to NH-D15, but D15S has a better PCIe clearance.

For its consistent top notch build quality, overall improved slots clearance and Ultra-low noise this product will go with editor’s choice award.