Final Words & Conclusion


  • $66.49 123


  • Excellent Cooling performance
  • Slim Tower
  • Full compatibility with RAM
  • Reasonable Price
  • Easy installation
  • Bundle of Accessories for Future sockets


  • None

After testing the product I did feel I have the perfect cooler in all aspects. From compatibility part it did rule out any flaw if imminent. After installation I found the Cooler fins and PCIe has good enough room to install the graphics card, even with back plate, comfortably. Unfortunately, we are at lack of availability of any GPU to test.  When raving about the compatibility aspect, Noctua U14S rule out any incompatibility related to DIMM blockage or RAM height tolerance. On ASUs Maximus VI HERO, the cooler is fully compatibility for DIMMs. No obstruction whatsoever.

While the performance, on the other hand, has definitely put the noctua on top. I couldn’t add more competitors in the list but number tells everything. Noctua NH-U14S manages to restrict the temperatures to 75C on 4.6GHz overclock, that is quite amazing, especially when you’re high on ambient i:e 36C. For such kind of performance, $66 is completely worth it.

People do argue on why to have air cooler when trendy AIO cooling solutions are already in the market. I would say, it is not about the thermal, but overall cooling experience with ultra-low noise no matter which load throws in, for much better price point. No AIO would have capability to deliver such cooling experience, till date.