NVIDIA’s GTx 1060 is surely is a successful and most competitive card against AMD in market right now. However, there is a still room to cover the market in low end while to c0unter AMd’s low to mid range cards. Meanwhile, NVIDIA’s new 10xx series card specification has leaked through 3dMARK 11 scores. It was seen to be running on a system i7 6700K which scored at X3860 while it was also compared with legacy GTX 960 which scored X3300 on Extreme Preset. While both cards are also run through performance mode scoring at P10054 and P10000 respectively. From those figures or scoring table, it seems like GTX 1050Ti is GTX 960 level card with little improvements in numbers. How much it can differ from AMD equivalent, that yet to figure out.

Main Features

  • Silicon GP107
  • CUDA Core 768
  • 16nm Architecture
  • ROPs 32, TMUS 48
  • 128Bit – GDDR5 Memory interface
  • 4GB Vram
  • Rated TDP 75W