PC Hardware Roundup 2016

2016, A next era of PC hardware technology has been begun. the ruthless technology continues bringing some extreme gaming hardware, following up with extraordinary advancement in tech lead to highly sophisticated world of technology. Recently 2015 was state as one of the greater years of technology development, yet analysts and viewers also suggesting that 2016 will be the a true next generation hardware tech in the world of PC gaming. though we are yet to experience all these refreshing and innovative advancement in PC hardware and related technologies. Fall this year, Biggest PC hardware industries will have shining new tech to reveal.


lets start with Graphics Hardware Advancement

NVIDIA had Maxwell a successful product line for them in 2015. was tremendous ROE in terms of customer loyalty, revenue. They had already announced Pascal in previous year, as still in production. probably will launch soon this year. Presuming that it will be 10x more powerful than a predecessor Maxwell.


While AMD was not good position to compete with its predecessor, they announced a wealthy Polaris architecture for their New graphics. Yes, Arctic island generation will be based on Polaris architecture, rumors suggesting it will be 2.5 times more efficient than Fiji and huwaii.


Both rival companies will have extremely poweful hardware tech in production and probably revealing this year’s summer. Expecting biggest clash of all time.

New Intel Processors

the Next tick tock cycle of Intel will focusing o Broadwell-E platform. featuring 14nm architecture, 10 core and 20 threads, along with cache upto 25 MB L3. chip models incorporating i7 6950X, 6900K, 6850K 6900K. in addition they are also working on Kabylake platform later this year. Considering the figures or paper specification it will be next elite class intel flapship, biggest performer of the year. reports from Benchlife from last year, suggesting broadwell E will be scheduled for mass production in february-March however they are also releasing it Q2 2016.

PC Gaming: Software Advancement Technologies 2016

Later this year, NVIDIA has a working advancement in technology, will be bringing VXGI for the developers. which means, Games will now have more advance feature. The live effect of this feature can be seen in the Unreal Engine 4.

Parallel to this, AMD also started their work on HDR, their new line for developers. Now Free-Sync and G-sync Monitors will feature high display resolution (HDR) probably will increase the picture quality. It would be a special advancement for viewers.

Furthermore, the biggest update on API is Direct X 12, especially for the gamer and hardware enthusiast. Direct X 12 will enhances performance level to whole new level comprises to only GCN GPUs. Many games now will feature Direct X 12 API, more specifically ashes of singularity, oxide’s project and few more. We already had seen testing sample of direct X 12 on Ashes of singularity last year. Finally, vulkan is already releases this year as well, an AMD API.