Trying to grab a good CPU cooler for your Very best Rig is now become easy and a difficult task one the other end. It has been years since cooling companies diverted their efforts towards Liquid cooling solutions  instead of tower heatsinks which now archiving. As we have  large competition in the market, a less popular ‘RaijinTek’ is an emerging Cooling manufacturer,  entered the market with its unique All–in-One Cooling solution.  .

The company has founded in 2013 and specialized in cooling solutions for CPU, GPU and Memory. Triton is first ever effort done by Raijintek in order to mark his name in CPU liquid cooling solution AIO. Triton Series liquid cooler provide users with the series of cooling options which perhaps not easily be available in any other brand. Thanks to RaijinTek for providing us Triton 240 liquid cooling for Review.

Triton 240 Liquid cooling is our first ever product from RaijinTek we’re going to review. It’s a whole new cooling kit that offering relatively unique cooling experience to project.

Unique Features

RaijinTek is quite a different name in cooling era. Yet, it has relatively unique features out of the box. Firstly, the All-in-One cooling has pre-installed everything that relates to CPU block, Pipes and Radiator. Now User don’t need to put additional hours and efforts in assembling the cooling kit instead it offers direct installation out of the box. With uniqueness to feel, the CPU Block is water filled from factory, that flows through the pipes gives amazing look while system is running. On the top of it, Triton 240 has 3 different color schemes to offer Red, Blue, Green called rainbow. Retailer version also includes the rainbow dyes.