Final Words and Conclusion


  • $46.99 newegg


  • Solid performance
  • Quality Build
  • Reasonable Price
  • Easy Installation
  • Accessories


  • Yellow color not for all

Firstly, the bold looks of the Reeven coolers are different. The yellow color scheme, which is a very interesting choice, could make a few people hesitant to buy this cooler but it could also be an aesthetic choice for the others. Reeven has done a great job with Ouranos RC-1401. The cooler not only passes the stress tests but manages to come close to Noctua NH-U14S. However, I found the fan a bit loud, enough to be heard from a distance; apparently, one of the noticeable cons I witnessed.

At 161mm high and 143mm wide, the Ouranos stands up to expectations. It leaves enough room for all RAM slots to be easily populated with enthusiast memory sticks including heatsink modules, while also ensuring good clearance for the GPU. In addition, it’ll be compatible with future sockets from both Intel and AMD. Guaranteeing the future proofing of this heatsink.

Reeven Ouranos achieved great results in our tests, especially at overclocking it only marginally fell behind Noctua U14S. Considering the cooler’s performance, the $44 price-tag is very competitive. The 140mm fan is a bit noisy at 1700 PWM, which could be a deal breaker to those who are looking for a performance cooler with ultra-low noise. Overall, the Reeven Ouranos is a great value for money.