Final Words & Conclusion

Price: $79


  • Prestigious Performance
  • Full RAM Compatibility
  • 7 Heat Pipes
  • Great Build Quality
  • Unique Design
  • Competitive Price


  • No Extra Fan Clips
  • May not enough Room for Second Fan
  • Incompatibility for x99 setup

While I’ve reviewed several coolers, Thermalright Le grand macho has the quality output. The company did a great job on designing this massive heatsink that it did top out our ranking charts. Even marginally beating Noctua D15S. On the other hand, Le Grand Macho is a piece of silence in every operation, we tested. During extreme loads, I haven’t heard a noise out of the case while being sitting close to bench table. In addition to this, Thermalright offers fan-less heatsink means cooler would also work passively, in case anyone wishes for dead silence.

Compatibility has been a big issue in dual towers and in massive heatsinks. While Le Grand Macho able to make a full clearance on RAM slots on ASUS Z87 VI HERO, I doubt it would handle a quad channel motherboard. Although it sits right close to PCIe slot, seem no trouble, but on other high-end boards installing a graphics card in the first slot could be an issue. Other than that, cooler has excellent support.

With solid build quality, the ultra-low noise cooler and excellent cooling performance, Le Grand Macho is definitely a solid recommendation.