Final Words & Conclusion



  • Solid Build
  • Great overall Performance
  • Decent price
  • Phison PS3110 S10 Controller
  • Fully Dual Compatible
  • Easy Availability


  • Few jerks in Write Speeds

Although, there are many SSD partners in market with quality and competitive drives but Zotac with T500 is definitely one overwhelming induction in storage era. Since most SATA SSD have almost similar performances in real world applications, so it’s the price matters most.

Unlike the other brands having being used aging sandforce controller, Zotac T500 start off with built-in Phison S10 controller ensuring faster read and write results not only in real world applications but the Synthetic read and write as well. To our surprise, Zotac T500 remained unbeaten in read speed with noticeable margin. However, the drive just couldn’t impressed much in write spectrum.

We haven’t had any stability issues with our Zotac T500 240GB SSD unit, backed with 3 years warranty showing a longevity and of course the trust on manufacturer. A 7mm thickness allows to have it install in laptop in order to boost the performance.

A $90 priced SSD, outperforming the speedy Kingston savage in real world application by margin indicating its true potential in consumers market. Kingston, on the other hand, is relatively $7 higher which making Zotac a much better value for money. Taking performance notes and relatively good price point, while fully compatible with laptop, I’d definitely recommend this product to end users.